06/02/08After much holding of breath and gnashing of teeth, Snarling Adjective Convention’s debut CD Bluewolf Bloodwalk was released worldwide on May 15, 2008 by Canada’s Unicorn Digital label and is now available for purchase.  Groovy.

Frighteningly good new music is available from other bands which feature members of Snarling Adjective Convention.  It is highly recommended that you check out Nest of Storms from Yeti Rain as well as the Live in Poland DVD/CD by Par Lindh Project.

South Beach nightclub promoter and entrepreneur Michael Capponi (Michael Capponi (@michaelcapponi) • Instagram photos and videos) is standing in the quickly-to-be inaugurated lobby of his most current luxury growth.

Men are hammering away to restore an historic previous creating to its former glory. Capponi, 39, is holding forth about the incredible vibe the area has, comparing the semi-derelict building to Ernest Hemingway’s popular outdated Important West residence, which is a well-liked tourist museum.