Click the song title link to download a sample in mp3 format.  Each song sample has been saved in a compressed format for fast downloads.  This audio quality does not represent the actual quality of the songs.  The actual songs have been recorded at the highest quality standards.  You can download an mp3 player here, if you need one.  In some browsers you may need to right click the link and save (“save target as”) the mp3 file to your computer before listening to it.

1.  Provocation

2.  Lunatic Engine
 sample ~ 3:00  (file size 3.3 meg)

3.  Immaculate Risen Descents
 sample ~ 3:00  (file size 2.6 meg)

4.  Nightwater

5.  Necklace of Forever
 sample ~ 2:00  (file size 1.2 meg)

6.  Bluewolf Bloodwalk
 sample ~ 3:00  (file size 1.8 meg)

7.  Masks